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Education is the very foundation of a country’s growth and development and in South Africa, we have an overwhelmed education system which is generally not meeting the needs of its children and their right to a worthy education.  We are passionate about ensuring that the youth are given every opportunity so that they can make valuable contributions in their societies in the future.  Many children within mainstream government schools, are not afforded the opportunities for the growth and development that they would receive in an independent school environment.  Therefore, each year, our school strives to offer scholarships to students from disadvantaged background, to enable them to join our school and benefit from the progressive and nurturing environment that we offer.  These scholarships can apply to any of our classes depending on our enrolment for that year.

Our school relies solely on school fees with no funding support from the Department of Education.  Your contribution can help us provide a much-needed scholarship to a learner in need.

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